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Books About Dogs - General Information

There are many books available on dogs and their care and training. We have listed some that we highly recommend and can be found in our own libraries. To order one of these books from amazon.com, just click on the title you're interested in. To order more than one book from our list, please use the back button on your browser after adding each item to your shopping cart. Then follow the link from here to the next book you'd like to order.  A portion of the proceeds from every item you buy when you enter Amazon.com's site from this page goes to the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Fund that provides financial help toward the medical care of rescued Chow Chows awaiting adoption.   The Chow Chows that are waiting to be saved thank you for your support!
So Your Dog's Not Lassie... So Your Dog's Not Lassie: Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds
by Betty Fisher, Suzanne Delzio

This easy-to-follow training manual offers gentle, humorous advice for "hard to train dogs" and  motivational techniques that will work with many breeds especially those that display qualities of independence and dominance. You'll appreciate the encouraging, simple instructions and examples, the humorous anecdotes, and the easy recipes for baking treats.

Mother Knows Best - The Natural Way To Train Your Dog

Mother Knows Best - The Natural Way To Train Your Dog
by Carol Lea Benjamin

Carol Benjamin has a gift for making dog training concepts easy to understand and put into practice as well as being fun to read.  Carol's methods are gentle but firm and always based on common sense.  You won't find any gimmicks here!  "Mother Knows Best" explains how to use a puppy's natural instincts to obey its mother to your advantage and how to use your best tool - your brain - to keep your dog on his best behavior throughout his life.  This is one of our personal favorites.    Our training methods at Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue are based on the writings of this awardwinning trainer/author. 
Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence
by Carol Lea Benajmin

You thought you had him trained, didn't you?  He used to behave so well but suddenly he's become a brat and you don't know why?  Relax, he's just moved into a temporary but highly annoying stage of his life - adolescence - and Carol Benjamin will help you get through it without giving up on your dog or teaching him bad habits that will be difficult to break. 
Good Owners, Great Dogs Good Owners, Great Dogs
by Brian Kilcommons

Like Carol Benjamin, Brian Kilcommons is down to earth, entertaining and a believer in training based on common sense.  Brian's popular methods are easy to follow and to put into daily use. 
Don't Shoot The Dog! Don't Shoot the Dog : The New Art of Teaching and Training
by Karen Pryor

"Clicker training" has revolutionized modern dog training.  Find out how concepts designed for training and conditioning the behavior of captive wild animals has been applied to dogs in a highly successful and satisfying way and how these concepts can work for you and your dog.  Karen's methods will encourage your dog to *think* while he learns and enjoy the teaching process. 
The Dog Who Loved Too Much The Dog Who Loved Too Much
by Dr. Nicholas Dodman

An estimated 25 percent of the 55 million pet dogs in the United States today exhibit serious behavioral problems. In this book, a professional veterinarian and animal behaviorist tackles the most common and baffling of these disorders and explains through engaging, often humorous case studies his therapies to help both troubled dogs and befuddled owners.

The Evans Guide To Housetraining Your Dog The Evans Guide for Housetraining Your Dog
by Job Michael Evans

Renowned trainer Evans outlines his method for housebreaking puppies and adult dogs. 
The Pearsall Guide to Successful Dog Training : Obedience 'from the Dog's Point of View'      by Milo Pearsall

This book is a classic!  The Pearsalls pioneered positive motivation   methods in dog training during a time when more forceful techniques were the norm.   Believers in the capabilities of puppies to learn at an early age, they developed the concept of "puppy kindergarten".  This book is in its third edition and is every bit as useful and valid today as it was when it was first published.  One of our personal favorites. 
Training Your Dog - The Step By Step Manual Training Your Dog : The Step-By-Step Manual
by Joachim "Jack" Volhard and Gail Tamases Fisher

Another personal favorite of ours, this book makes training concepts very clear and easy to put to use. 
dogsmind.jpg (2888 bytes) The Dog's Mind : Understanding Your Dog's Behavior
by Bruce Fogle

What All Good Dogs Should Know What All Good Dogs Should Know : The Sensible Way to Train
by Jack Volhard, Melissa Bartlett

A short, easy to follow book by the author of "Training Your Dog: The Step by Step Manual"
Dog Problems Dog Problems by Carol Lea Benjamin

Another winner from Benjamin, this is an *excellent* guide to preventing and correcting aggression, destructiveness, housebreaking problems, excessive barking, dogfights, tugging, jumping, shyness, stealing, begging, car chasing, fear biting, object guarding, and much,much more.  Another one of our favorites and a must-have!