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Books About Showing Dogs

There are many books available on dogs and their care and training. We have listed some that we highly recommend and can be found in our own libraries. To order one of these books from amazon.com, just click on the title you're interested in. To order more than one book from our list, please use the back button on your browser after adding each item to your shopping cart. Then follow the link from here to the next book you'd like to order.  A portion of the proceeds from every item you buy when you enter Amazon.com's site from this page goes to the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Fund that provides financial help toward the medical care of rescued Chow Chows awaiting adoption.   The Chow Chows that are waiting to be saved thank you for your support!
Show Me!  A Dog Showing Primer Show Me! : A Dog Showing Primer
by D. Caroline Coile

Dog shows are phenomenally popular, highly competitive, and often perplexing for beginners. Show Me offers easy-to-follow tips and words of wisdom for those new to this challenging sport.  Author D. Caroline Coile is quick to point out that the average pet pooch (although lovely in your eyes) will not make it in competitions. Most show dogs are bred for this very purpose, and the book includes practical advice for selecting and raising your top dog.  Coile divulges her immense knowledge of competition culture, from grooming tips and obedience training to dealing with competition loss.  Judged one of the best books of 1997 by Dog World magazine

Dog Showing For Beginners

Dog Showing for Beginners
by Lynn Hall

A former top junior handler gives you the basics to get started and be successful showing dogs. 
Born To Win - Breed To Succeed Born to Win : Breed to Succeed
by Patricia V. Craige

If you do nothing else for yourself in the coming year, make sure you get a copy of this book.  You can learn more from spending two weeks with this book than some breeders and exhibitors will learn in two decades of trying to figure things out by trial and error. The range of information offered to readers of Pat Craig's (whose dogs have won 10 Westminster group firsts) book is so great that a book review really doesn't do it justice.  Once you have the book in your hands, the only other thing you will long for is the time it will take to read and absorb it.  Enjoy!
The Winning Edge: Show Ring Secrets The Winning Edge : Show Ring Secrets
by George G. Alston, Connie Vanacore

George Alston, an expert dog handler for more than 30 years, teams with author Connie Vanacore on The Winning Edge: Show Ring Secrets. Combining sports psychology and dog showing, topics include psychocybernetics, the making of a show dog, learning from the competition, and etiquette and sportmanship. This book is an essential for every dog exhibitor's bookshelf.
Dual Ring Dog/Successful Training for Both Conformation and Obedience
  by Jacqueline Fraser, Amy Ammen

There are still people who'll tell you your dog can't excel in both the conformation and obedience rings.  It's hogwash and these authors prove it.   Both have dual ring champions and Amy Ammen is especially known for her dual ring successes in breeds as diverse as the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Japanese Chin. 
The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog
by Margaret Ruth Smith, Ann Seranne

This book is one of our favorites.  Decades of experience breeding top winning Yorkshire Terriers has been condensed into this easy to read book that covers everything from basic genetics to puppy rearing and  development. 
The New Dogsteps : A Better Understanding of Dog Gait Through
Cineradiography ('Moving X-Rays')

by Rachel Page Elliott, Eve Andrade

Understanding correct gait is essential to the successful breeding and showing of dogs.  Rachel Elliott's use of moving x-rays to see how dogs really move has made her work a classic. 
Genetics of the Dog
by Malcolm B. Willis

Willis shows how heredity affects a wide variety of normal and abnormal physical and behavioral conditions in dogs. Topics include basic genetic principles, polygeneic inheritance, inheritance of many desirable and undesirable features, genetic defects and diseases.