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Books About Dog Rescue and Adoption

There are many books available on dogs and their care and training. We have listed some that we highly recommend and can be found in our own libraries. To order one of these books from amazon.com, just click on the title you're interested in. To order more than one book from our list, please use the back button on your browser after adding each item to your shopping cart. Then follow the link from here to the next book you'd like to order.  A portion of the proceeds from every item you buy when you enter Amazon.com's site from this page goes to the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Fund that provides financial help toward the medical care of rescued Chow Chows awaiting adoption.   The Chow Chows that are waiting to be saved thank you for your support!
The Adoption Option The Adoption Option : Choosing and Raising the Shelter Dog for You
by Eliza Rubenstein, Shari Kalina
This book tells you how to be sure that this option is the right one for you, helps you figure out what kind of dog will suit you best and how to make sure you're using a reputable shelter.  Obviously, these issues are just the beginning of your life with your new dog, so the book provides especially helpful information on what to expect from a dog with a new life "on the outside."

Second Hand Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin

Second Hand Dog : How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet  
by Carol Lea Benjamin

Describes the care, training, and rehabilitation of previously owned or formerly homeless dogs, focusing on their special problems and needs.
Saved! A Guide To Success With Your Shelter Dog Saved!   A Guide to Success With Your Shelter Dog   by Myrna L. Papurt
Buying a shelter dog can save a fine animal from destruction, while bringing a good new friend and pet into the household. This three-part book describes the dog shelter scene, offers advice on choosing the right dog from a shelter, and gives detailed instructions on dog training, health care, and how to provide a good home environment for the new pet. Full-color photos & illus.
Save That Dog! by Liz Palika Save That Dog : Everything You Need to Know
About Adopting a Purebred Rescue Dog

by Liz Palika

The first book to deal specifically with purebred rescue, the dogs, and the people involved, Save That Dog! explains what purebred dog rescue is and how it differs from shelter adoptions.  Heartwarming profiles of abused, abandoned dogs which have been placed in loving, responsible homes are interspersed with details of the adoption process. 30 photos.
Out of Harm's Way by Terri Crisp "Out of Harm's Way"
by Terri Crisp
The amazing autobiography of Terri Crisp,
who since 1983, has devoted herself to saving animals during disasters. From her early volunteer work with the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley, helping stranded pets during local San Francisco Bay area floods and fires, to her recent full-time job as director of Emergency Animal Rescue Services, Crisp's dedication and determination are undaunted. During her first rescue mission, she  learned first-hand how to aid animals during a flood. The experience changed her life forever, and she vowed to create something that was sorely lacking--a nationwide animal rescue plan that could be followed during any catastrophe.  She spent six months organizing clean-up efforts for seabirds and otters after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, helped place innumerable homeless animals after Florida's Hurricane Andrew, and set up animal relief services during the devastating St. Charles flood in Missouri. An appendix lists invaluable tips for safeguarding your own dogs, cats, birds, and horses during a disaster.
Found Dogs by Elise Lufkin Found Dogs
by Elise Lufkin, Diana Walker (Photographer), Peter Mayle

Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned - at racetracks, animal shelters or just on the side of the road.  A few are fortunate enough to be found and given a second chance. And these dogs, many rescued from death's door, seem to have even more than the usual canine capacity for love and loyalty. You'll meet found dogs who are service dogs, protectors, and friends, offering solace, aid, companionship and inspiration. Found Dogs is a moving tribute to the power of love between people and dogs - how that love has transformed dogs who were lost, and the people who were lucky enough to find them.  Celebrity contributions by the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis and Vice-President Al Gore make this a top-notch collection.
Lost and Found : Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter
by Elizabeth Hess

Hess, an arts journalist who has written for the Village Voice and the Washington Post, first visited the animal  shelter to adopt a dog for her daughter. A "series of ramshackle buildings and a shabby trailer, surrounded by a few chickens and a couple of contented cats," the Columbia-Greene Humane Society grounds were humble at best. But what Hess found inside the shelter inspired her to write this book. From the dog kennels and the cat rooms to a puppy mill raid and rides in the shelter ambulance, Hess introduces innumerable animals and humans who will inspire, educate, and break your heart. With more than 20 million animals ending up in shelters each year in the United States alone, Hess's demand to rethink our relationships with domestic animals couldn't have come at a better time.