More Happy Endings At Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue!

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"BeBe" (left) and "Bailey" are mother & son whose owners  couldn't afford to feed them anymore. Initially fostered by Midstates Chow Rescue of St. Louis, they came to us when Midstates needed room. Happy go lucky reds, Bailey moved in with the Bruce Davis family of Racine.

Chris and Wayne Zwicke were so pleased with the Chow they adopted from us that they recommended us to Wayne's brother, Gary.  They brought Gary down to see BeBe and the two clicked right away.  When quiet Gary asked what her name was, brother Wayne roared with laughter as Gary's face turned red -- "You won't believe this but when Gary was little, he had an imaginary friend named 'BeBe'!"  They say truth is stranger than fiction.... Gary now had a real friend named Bebe and they lived happily together in Milwaukee. 

"BeBe", "Bailey" and Phil DeGruy
"Mani's" life began in a Missouri puppymill in 1995. Closed by authorities because of inhumane conditions, the kennel was ordered to auction off several hundred dogs in late winter 1996. Mani was purchased at auction by the Midstates Chow Chow Rescue of St. Louis where she was treated for sarcoptic mange and brought to us. Adopted by Bruce Precourt, a Milwaukee professor, Mani is shown here in her 1998 Halloween witch's costume as she helped hand out candy to trick or treaters. 
"Mani" - Halloween 1998
Norman "Norman", the cream male on our home page was a 4 month old puppy when he and his brother "Teddy" (right) arrived in 1992 from Joliet Animal Control in Illinois. Their owner moved and left them behind and their breeder refused to take them back!  Norm was adopted by Tom & Penny Collier of Green Bay and Teddy by Janet Kempke & family of Milwaukee where he gets hugged regularly by their grandchildren. "Teddy Bear" and Mr. and Mrs. Kempke
"Annie" was a stray found in Chicago in 1997 after being hit by a car.  Her medical bills paid by a good samaritan, she was fostered during her recovery by our Chicago angel, Lorie Sparrow.  Long distance adoptions aren't our policy but Annie was a special case and so was her new owner, Elizabeth Baier of Trenton, New Jersey.  Elizabeth is the mother of well known Chow Chow and all breed obedience trainer Karen Privitello and the two of them drove to Wisconsin to meet Annie.   Click here to read Annie's first letter home.
Nikko and Jan Jan Carter of Racine found pretty red female "Nikko" (left) through our adoption referral listings in August of 1996. Well-mannered, sociable and good with Jan's cat, Jan says that "Nikko" means "sunshine" in Japanese and that's exactly what Nikko is for her!

After Nikko passed away in 2004, Jan came back asking us to help her find a new Chow.  In January 2005, we were able to put her together with "Ginger", a female puppy in an Indiana shelter.   

"Butkus" "Butkus" arrived in 1988.  After 5 years, his owners no longer had time for him.  A well mannered, very dignified Chow, he was adopted by Doug & Kathy Shaw of Beloit where he was renamed "Bear" and lived happily with their children and several cats.   Often returning to visit when the Shaws went on vacation, Butkus passed away in 1995 at age 12.  Kathy's sister, Cyndi Miller & her family, also adopted a Chow from Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue:  "Nala", a cinnamon female that had been left tied to an Illinois animal shelter's doorknob during the night in 1995.  
A lovely light red, "Sara" was a stray picked up by Kenosha County animal control. Sara almost didn't make it into our program! When we visited her at the shelter, she was sullen and didn't want to make  friends. We took a chance on her even if she didn't seem to appreciate it. Halfway through the drive home, we were met with a pair of soft, wonder-filled eyes - "You really do want me, don't you?" and a wagging tail. Sara's tail never stopped wagging after that. Fostered by Wisconsin Chow Chow Club member Mae Palm, Sara is now the best buddy of Karen Ratzel of Waukesha.
Mary Woodke and Sheba Mary Woodke of Sheboygan had once been an exhibitor of champion show Chows but decided to give rescue a try after she married and was looking for a family pet.   "Sheba" was an unclaimed stray from the Lakeland Animal Shelter in 1992.   Fostered by Wisconsin Chow Chow Club member Shirley Skelton, Sheba was adopted by Mary, husband Randy and their three young sons.  
Bradley "Bradley" (left) and "Bonnie" were 6 month old littermates when they were left at the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights in March of 1996. Friendly outgoing puppies making friends wherever they went, it's not surprising that they were adopted quickly.    Bradley, fostered by WCC member Mae Palm, lives with Mel & Chris Holder and their young daughter Nicole of Lake Geneva while Bonnie was adopted by Dr. & Mrs. Anatoly Daskal of Milwaukee. Bonnie
"Gretchen", a lively cinnamon female, was sent to us by the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee in 1996. She was adopted by Helen & T.G. DeGruy and is pictured here with their grandchildren, Mac and Brandi.  
"Gretchen", Mac McKenzie and Brandi Cedotal
"Emmie" was a northern Illinois stray found in the fall of 1995. A lively, outgoing red, she's turned into quite the couch potato when she became a member of Judy & Al Pohl's family of New Berlin!


We'd like to give a special thanks to the members of the Wisconsin Chow Chow Club, Inc.
and the veterinarians and staff of the Janesville Veterinary Clinic and the All Creatures Veterinary Hospital
for their help in making all these happy endings possible!