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Bjorn Flugstad and "Bear" "Bear" is one of many "Bear's" who've gone through our program since 1985. This Bear is one of our favorite happy endings.   After spending his first 18 months of life on a short chain, without shelter and tormented by other large dogs, a neighbor persuaded his owner to send Bear to us.  He was in very poor condition - covered with sores and bite wounds - but his disposition was sweet and affectionate.   Bear recovered quickly but he was here over a year because no one was interested in adopting him.  We couldn't understand why such a nice dog was being passed over. 

Meanwhile, Bjorn Flugstad was thinking of getting himself a dog.  He'd never owned one before and he wanted to make the right choice.  He'd been watching our web site for months and had seen Bear's name appear again and again.  Finally, in August of 1998, Bjorn came to see Bear and it was love at first sight!  Bear, the dog who'd never lived in a house before went home with Bjorn, who'd never had a dog before.   Bear settled right in and has been a perfect gentleman ever since.  Now we know why Bear went unplaced for so long - he was waiting for this very special young man!
"Stormy" was an unclaimed adult stray from Winnebago Animal Services in 1990.  Adopted by the Henry Baumann family & their three children, she went everywhere with them, even on camping trips, until she passed away from old age in 1997. Stormy
"Candy" Many of our adopters came back to us for a second and even a third Chow.  "Candy" was an unclaimed stray from Illinois.   A very pretty red, she was adopted by Eunice Peck of Burlington.  Eunice has had Chows all her life and wouldn't dream of having any other breed! Candy was her constant companion, going everywhere with her.  

When Candy passed away, Eunice came back to adopt "Taffy" who'd spent the first part of her life lying in her own filth on a 5' chain.  When Taffy died, Eunice came back a third time and we helped her find "Bon Bon", a senior black female from Katann Chow Chow Rescue in Minnesota.  Eunice, a senior herself, had a real soft spot for hard luck dogs and Bon Bon certainly was that; she'd lived outdoors all of her life and had been so neglected that the tips of her ears were missing, chewed off by flies.  
cream puppies In 1999, we were called upon to retrieve several adult Chow Chows and a litter of puppies from a puppymill in southwestern Wisconsin that was closing.  The dogs were all kept inside a barn on short chains.  The younger adult Chows had been born in that barn and, until we arrived, had never been outdoors, never walked on grass, had never seen the sun or felt the wind.  Some of the Chows were too psychologically damaged by this lack of socialization to be saved but eventually, most were able to be placed in permanent loving homes.  Also rescued by other agencies were several Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Shih Tzu, and small mixed breed dogs.  
"Snuffy" was yet another stray from the Winnebago Animal Services in Rockford, IL. A happy black female, Snuffy was adopted by Gil & Vern Palkowski of Milwaukee.
"Choo Choo" "Choo Choo's" plaintive expression says "Do I have to come in right now?" Enjoying the snow, Choo Choo loves ambling around her adoptive family's small farm, socializing with their pygmy goats, poultry, cats and other animals. Choo Choo is one of several dogs rescued when a hobby breeder fell on hard times. She was adopted by Marjorie Needham & family in 1995. Choo Choo's half brother, "Horace" became part of Lewis Palm's family of Jefferson, Wisconsin in 1994 where his best friends are Lewis' children, Casey & Tiffany.

"Chien" was only 4 weeks old when she came to us and so anemic that our vet gave her only a 50-50 chance of survival. Chien was among 200 dogs rescued from a Jefferson puppymill in 1991. She was the only Chow that could be saved from that kennel. Chien was adopted by Pat & Bob Keith.  Read more about the Jefferson puppymill. 

"Shelby", "Indy", Jennifer and David Scheer

"Shelby" (left) was a thin stray when she was rescued in winter '96. Fostered briefly by Rottweiler Rescue before coming to us, she won their hearts with her happy, easy going nature. Smart, good with children & other dogs, Shelby was adopted by David & Jennifer Scheer of Madison. "Indy" was adopted by the Scheers in 1998 from the Dane County Humane Society.

We have no pictures of "Dasha", our very first rescued Chow, because she was afraid of cameras!  Given up by a family broken by divorce, Dasha came to us in 1985 at age 5.  Apparently trying to set a Chow record for longevity and health, Dasha spent the rest of her life with her adopters, the Carl Rindfleish family of Beloit, until she passed away at the amazing age of 19!!

"George" was an unclaimed stray from the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee. In poor health when he arrived in 1992, he recovered quickly and won everyone over with his silly personality.  George was adopted by Cindy & Tom Berryhill of Oshkosh.  They'd never had a Chow before but George sold them so well on the breed that they soon acquired another one and joined the Wisconsin Chow Chow Club.  

"George" and Cindy Berryhill
"Squeak" and Beth Ezell

"Squeak's" owner lost his home and had to give up both his dogs.  Left at the Kenosha County Humane Society in 1997, little Squeak became very depressed.  He didn't even get up when we came to see him.  His mood picked up considerably when he realized he was coming home with us!  Shown with his new owner, this pretty blue boy now makes his home with Beth Ezell and Troy Dunlap of Minnesota who renamed him "Bear".  


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We'd like to give a special thanks to the members of the Wisconsin Chow Chow Club, Inc.
and the veterinarians and staff of the Janesville Veterinary Clinic and the All Creatures Veterinary Hospital
for their help in making all these happy endings possible!