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Chow Chows 
Available For Adoption


Congratulations to recent adopters:

Jack Smithwick and "Katie" and "Kody"
Dave & Jody Ratzlaff and "Rosie"


As of February 1, 2005, we have retired and closed our foster program.  We won't be accepting any more Chow Chows into foster care and we don't have any more Chows for adoption.  

There are still plenty of homeless Chow Chows that need permanent loving responsible homes.  For information about other Chows available in Wisconsin and adjacent states, visit the Chow Chow Club, Inc. Welfare Committee's  National Chow Chow Information and Adoption Center.


If you previously adopted a Chow from us, we'll still be here to provide you with advice and support and to take the dog back if your circumstances should change in the future.  We've always stood behind the dogs we place and always will!