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Books About Chow Chows

There are many books available on dogs and their care and training. We have listed some that we highly recommend and can be found in our own libraries. To order one of these books from amazon.com, just click on the title you're interested in. To order more than one book from our list, please use the back button on your browser after adding each item to your shopping cart. Then follow the link from here to the next book you'd like to order.  A portion of the proceeds from every item you buy when you enter Amazon.com's site from this page goes to the Chow Chow Club, Inc.'s Welfare Fund that provides financial help toward the medical care of rescued Chow Chows awaiting adoption.   The Chow Chows that are waiting to be saved thank you for your support!
New Owner's Guide to the Chow Chow A New Owner's Guide to Chow Chows
by Richard Beauchamp

Written by a longtime admirer of the Chow Chow, this book covers breed history and personality, choosing a breeder and a puppy, health, care, training and  showing.   150 color photographs. 
Author Dick Beauchamp and friend

The Proper Care of Chow Chows

The Proper Care of Chow Chows
by Love and Robert Banghart

More than 20 years experience with Chow Chows is condensed into this book with scores of color photographs of high quality Chows.  You'll find information on choosing and raising a Chow Chow, grooming, behavior, the Chow Chow standard, showing, responsible breeding and caring for the older Chow.   There's a great deal of information here about living with Chows that's not covered in any other book. 
Chow Chows - Barron's Pet Owner's Manual Chow Chows - Barron's Pet Owner's Manual
by James B. Atkinson

This paperbook book is a very practical guide to owning, training and caring for Chow Chows.  Contains a special chapter on Understanding Chow Chows.  Many color and black and white photographs and illustrations. 
The World of the Chow Chow The World of the Chow Chow
by Dr. Samuel Draper and Joan MacDonald Brearley

This huge coffeetable book has no equal!  With nearly  900 color photographs of Chow Chows and almost 100 historical black and whites, this long awaited companion to "The Book of the Chow Chow" (below) is a worldwide celebration of the Chow Chow breed.  It has practical information for both the devoted fancier and the newcomer, updating Chow events and developments to the present day.  The sheer abundance of photography, illustrating champions of yesterday and today - at home, in the ring and in obedience - makes this extraordinary volume a reliable and must-have source for all who love the Chow Chow.
The Book of The Chow Chow The Book of the Chow Chow
by Dr. Samuel Draper and Joan MacDonald Brearley

Long considered the bible for Chow fanciers, this 576 page book covers early Chow history, kennels, dogs and famous Chowists throughout the U.S. and the world.   Illustrated by hundreds of photographs, almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Chow Chow can be found here.  A special highlight of this book is its excellent sections on grooming and socializing Chow Chows. 
The Chow Chow - An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet The Chow Chow: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
by Paulette Braun and Frank Holloway

People who live with Chow Chows understand them best.  This is another book written by Chow fanciers with years of experience.  Many, many color photographs with a special emphasis on the smooth-coated Chow Chow. 
The Complete Chow Chow The Complete Chow Chow
by L.J. "Kip" Kopatch

Longtime Chow breeder, exhibitor, artist and educator Kip Kopatch's comprehensive book includes an illustrated look at the components of the Chow Chow standard, pictures and pedigrees of Register of Merit and top producing Chows, kennel histories, Chow statistics, sections on grooming, training and care, Chows in art, hip dysplasia control and more.  
nicholas_book1.jpg (2214 bytes) The Chow Chow by Anna Katherine Nicholas

Covering every aspect of interest to Chow lovers, noted dog show judge Anna Katherine Nicholas has provided a world of fascinating and valuable knowledge about this revered Oriental breed.  Highlighted with over 200 photos, the book is a pictorial treasure as well as a goldmine of useful advice.
Guide to Owning a Chow Chow Guide to Owning a Chow Chow
by Anna Katherine Nicholas and Dick Tobin

This delightful paperback has plenty of basic information if you own or are considering the ownership of a Chow Chow.  Lots of color photos of rough and smooth coated Chows.  And a *plus* - the Chow Chow in the upper left corner of the cover is "Scotch Mist CD", owned by Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue volunteer, Shirley Skelton! 
doglaw.jpg (2447 bytes) Dog Law by Mary Randolph

From leash laws to custody disputes to problems with neighbors, this paperback gives you the lowdown on canine legal issues that affect all dog owners. 
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