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Where is Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue located? 

Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue is operated by Phil & Vicki DeGruy and Shirley Skelton with the volunteer assistance of the Wisconsin Chow Chow Club, Inc. Our foster kennel is located in Janesville, Wisconsin, an hour southwest of Milwaukee and less than two hours from Chicago.

What are your hours?

The kennel is open by appointment only, following an adoption application and interview. 

How do I apply to adopt a Chow Chow?

Send us an email or call us at 608-756-2008 to have an adoption application  mailed to your home address. 

How does the adoption process work?

To make our adoptions successful and help our Chows stay secure for the rest of their lives, we need to give you a dog that will fit well into your lifestyle. So we want to get to know you and your family just as you want to get know us. We want to make sure that a rescued Chow is right for your needs and will meet your expectations. We'll ask you questions about your family and your expectations in order to match the right dog with your household. If we have a dog that's suitable for your family, you'll be invited to our foster kennel to see them.

Are there any special requirements to qualify?

Although previous ownership of a Chow isn't necessary, it's helpful to have some knowledge of the breed before considering adoption. Please read the Chow Chow Breed Profile and the Chow Chow Information pages to see if the Chow's unique personality will suit you before you apply.

Our dogs are intended to live as members of your family and to share your home and activities. *We prefer that adopters have fenced yards* but depending on the dog, we've occasionally made exceptions for responsible owners who understand that a Chow Chow can never be allowed to run off leash in an unfenced area.

I live outside of Wisconsin.   Can I still adopt a Chow?

Although we've occasionally made adoptions outside of our immediate area, we prefer to place our Chows within Wisconsin and Illinois. If you live in another state, visit the National Chow Adoption Center to see if there are Chows in need of adoption closer to your home.  Sorry, we don't ship dogs to other states or out of the country. 

What are the
adoption fees?

Our adoption fee is $125 which helps to cover the dogs' medical expenses, (spaying or neutering, veterinary exams, heartworm testing, lifetime microchip ID and vaccinations) food and housing. Adoption fees are higher for puppies and usually lower for senior Chows.  Our work is funded solely by adoption fees, donations and the sale of fundraising items.

What if things
don't work out?

We want you to be happy with your choice so we offer a two week trial adoption period. If the Chow you adopted is incompatible and you return it during that time, we'll refund your adoption fee. If, at any time in the future, you can't keep your adopted Chow Chow, we'll take it back.

Can adult Chows
really bond well
in new homes?
As well as a puppy?

Absolutely! Many people think that adult Chows can't adjust to new homes or be retrained, but that's just not true. Our adoption program couldn't exist if rescued Chows weren't as adaptable as baby puppies. Our founder, Vicki DeGruy, adopted her first Chow when he was 5 years old and he still rates as one of the best dogs she ever had. For testimonials from our adoptive families, visit our Gallery of Happy Endings and see the results for yourself!

I'm unable to adopt right now but I'd like to make a donation. How do I do that?

Easy!  Donations can be made by sending a check or money made out to the Wisconsin Chow Chow Club, Inc. to this address:

Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue
9828 E County A
Janesville WI  53546
You can also donate using your credit card via PayPal's secure server.  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Donations are used to pay for the medical expenses of rescued Chow Chows in our foster care program.