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Read about "Sassy" in our Gallery of Happy Endings! about rescued Chow Chows

Where do
rescued Chows
come from?

Most abandoned Chows became that way through no fault of their own. Some of them were given up by owners who moved, divorced or suffered a family crisis and just couldn't keep them. Many of them are strays  - dogs that were allowed to run loose and became lost or were deliberately turned loose by their owners. The average age of rescued Chows is 4-7 years old. Baby puppies are seldom abandoned so rescue programs and shelters rarely have them.

What happens
to the Chows
in rescue?

Reputable rescue volunteers provide most necessary medical care and vaccinations before adoption. All the Chows are spayed or neutered to make them better pets and to keep them from adding to the overpopulation problem.  Dogs are vet-checked and temperament-tested before placement.

Can adult Chows
really bond well
in new homes?
As well as a puppy?

Absolutely! Many people think that adult Chows can't adjust to new homes or be retrained, but that's just not true. Adoption programs couldn't exist if rescued Chows weren't as adaptable as baby puppies.  For testimonials from adoptive families, visit our Gallery of Happy Endings and see the results for yourself!

Are there advantages
to adopting a grown dog instead of a puppy?

* They're already housebroken

*They're past the chewing or destructive stage.

*They've grown as big as they're going to get. No surprises.

*The quality of their temperament is readily seen.

What about temperament?

Reputable rescue volunteers have an obligation to provide people with healthy Chows of good temperament. They will not knowingly offer a Chow for adoption that has a bite record or a temperament problem that can't be dealt with by average training methods. Chow Chows from reputable rescue programs are adaptable, friendly and many of them are suitable for families with children.

Will a rescued Chow get along with my other pets?

If you already have another dog, for best long term compatibility, we recommend that you adopt a Chow of the opposite sex. Arrangements can be made to bring your first dog along to the adoption interview to see if it's going to be compatible with the rescued dog.  Some rescued Chows are also good with cats and most of them can be trained not to harm cats.  

How about my children? Will a rescued Chow be okay with them?

Many rescued Chows are good with children.  Reputable rescue volunteers do their best to temperament-test dogs before adoption and place them with families that are compatible with their personalities. A reputable volunteer will not place a Chow into a home with children if they do not feel the dog will be a safe companion for them. The ages and activities of your children will be important to the volunteers as they help you choose the Chow that will be the best match for your family. Some rescued Chows are too exhuberant to be careful around babies and toddlers.

Before adopting or buying any dog, it is essential that you understand your responsibilities in making the relationship between your dog and your children safe and satisfying. If you have children or expect your dog to come in contact with other people's children, please read Kids & Dogs Together Safely before going any further in the process of getting a dog for your family.


How do I find
a Chow Chow to adopt?

Visit the Chow Chow Club, Inc. Welfare Committee's National Chow Chow Information and Adoption Center.