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Training, Socialization, and Behavior

Housebreaking Puppies and Adult Dogs

Crate Training Questions & Answers

Socializing Your Chow Chow   by Vicki DeGruy

Socializing The Shy Chow Chow  by Karen Privitello

Shy Dogs FAQ   a wealth of information on training and living with shy dogs

Who's In Charge Here?  A Lesson in Becoming Alpha

The Work Fare Program - Rules For Badly Behaved Dogs To Live By

Kids & Dogs Together Safely

Children and Chows   
a collection of excellent articles by trainer Karen Privitello

Obedience Classes For Your Chow Chow

Please Train Your Chow!    by Karen Privitello

Teaching Good Manners For Grooming and At The Vet's

Making Peace Between Dogs & Cats

Help!  My Puppy Bites!

Teaching Your Chow Chow To Come When Called

Help! My Dogs Are Fighting!

More Dog Training and Behavior Links

Dog Organizations and Activities


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