"I finally found a home for the abandoned cream-colored Chow that I picked up a couple of months back. I wanted to let you know so that you could take the notice off of your website. It is a wonderful home, and 'Rodney' is a great dog.   Everyone at the vet clinic where he was being cared for just fell in love with him. He is so friendly and very smart.

The person who oversees the vet clinic took him home a couple of weekends ago after he recovered from his heartworm treatment and could begin to jump and run.  She wanted him to get some full-scale exercise. She lives in the country and has two other dogs -- takes wonderful care of them.  Well, they all hit it off great, and she couldn't resist. She's keeping him!

"Her daughter and two grandkids live with her, and they all are crazy about Rodney. He truly is a magnificent dog. It is still hard to believe the difference in his look and demeanor when I picked him up and how he looks and behaves today. What a happy ending! 

"Thank you so much for posting the notice and working with all the Chows to find them homes. You do great work and I so appreciate your helping with Rodney."

             Jean Walker
              Fort Worth, Texas


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