"Mose""Nearly a year ago I wrote to you, outlining our adventures with 'Mose'.  He was a Chow who hung around our property in rural south central Georgia for most of last winter, refusing our contact, but staying around with our other dogs for their company. We thought he was old, (thus the name 'Old Man Mose' ) for he slept almost all the time in or around our driveway, and when he did move around, it was to wobble down into the yard for more lying around. We also thought he belonged to someone up in the new subdivision near our acreage, because he would not accept any treats and wore an old collar. He was matted and unkempt, but this is not unusual out here in the country where dogs often are not well cared for.

"When he finally allowed me to touch him, I discovered that he was nearly starved and weak, not old and feeble. And we also discovered that he was no more than a year or two old. He has a wonderful mouthful of the whitest teeth and once he was doctored and bathed and clipped - and fed adequately - we were treated to his wonderful smile and playful nature. He had to be treated for heart worms, but other than that, was none the worse for wear from his abandonment. His favorite game is to butt me in the rear as I walk across the yard and also in the house when I prepare his food. And he laughs all the time!

"I wrote you, telling you his story, and promising a picture once his appearance improved. I am here to be true to my word. We are still in love with this dog, and if we ever need another dog ( we presently have six rescued animals ) it will be another Chow and no other.

"Actually, there is another Chow hanging out in the yard now. It took five months for him to let me touch him, also, and thankfully, I have found that his physical condition and behavior confirms that this new Chow does belong to someone up on our road. He is well kept, but wants to be with us during most of every day. I'm sure that if we were to adopt him, he would be just as wonderful as Mose is.

"Mose and Katy""Just to give you an idea of how Mose is paying for his keep, I enclose another picture which shows him baby sitting the newest member of the family, Katy7. She was a tiny, abandoned puppy who joined us last summer. They are inseparable.

"Keep up the wonderful good work that you do. And thank you for helping me to learn about, and appreciate these fantastic, and misunderstood animals."

Marianne C. Stone


November 2002:

Mose and friends"I thought you might like to see how Mose is doing these days. Now that he's three and has been with us for two years, he is very settled in and most definitely a member in high standing of the family...

"The picture shows him and four of our other five 'children'. My sister-in-law was feeding them treats, and of course, she has their undivided attention ! The blonde beauty in the center is Katy, the tiny puppy that Mose helped to raise. They are still the best of friends, and she still chews him up the best she can, given his luxurious coat. His squeals are so funny to hear.

"The black dog on the left and the red dog in front are Chow mixes. These are very common around here, and you do see the occasional purebred, or nearly so. But none are anywhere near as fine as Mose. We still have no idea where he came from.

"Hope all is well with you and your organization. I notice that our page is still on your website. It's nice to read about our good fortune; it's almost like reading about someone else's adventures with one of these great dogs.


Marianne Stone"


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