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Please note:  Many lists of rescue contacts circulate around the U.S. and the internet, some containing inaccurate or outdated information.   For the most up to date Chow Rescue information, please bookmark this site!  If you can't find a rescue volunteer in your area,  contact us.
Rescue volunteers are exactly that - volunteers.  Rescue work is done with time that can be spared from their jobs and families.   Please be patient with them as they might not be able to respond immediately.   Some rescue services offer foster care for needy Chows as space permits and others offer adoption assistance and referral only.  Most of these volunteers do not have kennel facilities and are only able to house a small number of Chows at a time.  Most of them cannot help with mixed breeds.  

If you're trying to find a home for your own Chow, please read our "How To Find A Home" guide before contacting a rescue volunteer.  If you have found a stray Chow, you must first comply with your local or state laws regarding found strays before turning the dog over to a rescue service. Call your local law enforcement agency or animal shelter to find out what these laws or requirements are. 

The following list is provided as a service.  The Chow Chow Club, Inc. does not endorse, govern or assume responsibility for the actions or policies of the volunteers listed. For best results, before contacting the volunteers by email or phone, visit their websites for information on their programs and policies.  

California....Pomona Chow Dog Rescue, Inc.
California....Los Angeles Adopt-A-Chow - Los Angeles
California ... Sacramento area Chow Chow Rescue of the Sierra Foothills
Iowa, Minnesota  Katann Chow Chow Rescue Deanna Fuller
New York, CT & Tri State Area Pet Adoption League of NY, Inc.
New York ... upstate Chow Chow Rescue of Central NY, Inc.
Oregon .... Beaverton Northwest Chow Chow Rescue
Texas....west, Lubbock West Texas Chow Chow Rescue Linda Brantley
Washington...northwest Pacific Northwest Chow Chow Rescue
Wisconsin Wisconsin Chow Chow Club Lisa Cone

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