"I would just like to share the story of how happy we are with the Chow Chow we adopted in August from the St. Francis Shelter in Bristol.  I had a wonderful Chow named Baron for six years and a beautiful Chow mix named Bailey that is now five. This spring we learned that Baron had renal failure.  I took care of him as long as I could but in July I had to face the inevitible, he was in too much pain.

"Bailey and I were so lonely for our dear best friend. We still miss him very much. Then I began looking for another Chow because I love the breed.  We found Little Bear at the St. Francis Shelter and it was love at first sight. He had been found in terrible condition, wandering the streets. He is now a happy, loving part of our family. He is at my side right now which is his favorite place no matter where I am.

"I had always been told that Chows only bond once so I was leary of adopting an older dog. But I am here to tell you that this dog loves me as if I had him from a pup.   I still miss Baron but this sweet dog is our best buddy now."


Sandy Stolarik


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