"Do you remember the 7-8 week old Chow puppy someone dumped out of their car last Christmas...the one that I found under a bush in my front yard.....cold, wet, tired, scared and very hungry?

"Against my vet's and my friends' advice I welcomed him in....and this little black varmint is the joy of my life! As I am raising my grandboys (now 3 and 7).....he is also the joy of THEIRS!  Yes, Klondike is the 3 year old's *indian pony*..... he *painted* himself and Klondike with desitin, lipstick, baby powder....and refuses to take a nap without *his pony*.

"As I'm mad for obedience.....Klondike has gone to puppy obedience classes..... beginner's.... advanced ..... and can *do it all*.....beyond my wildest dreams.  The 7 year old is my obedience helper!

"This may sound strange......but each and every day I thank the person who pushed baby Klondike out of their car.....and drove away .......for *introducing me to CHOWS*!!!"

                Frances Broome and
                Saki (Pug) CDX, HIT
                Klondike (Chow) CGC

                South Carolina

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