Mike Hipple's "Kayla""My name is Mike, and I have another happy ending for you. I have been visiting your site for quite some time now. I have a 4 year-old male cinnamon chow named Kramer and I have been wanting to adopt a female chow. When I accessed your adoption site, the only listing I found for Alaska was the Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Control Shelter.

"Well, this past weekend my dream came true. I was in Fairbanks for a softball tournament and I was looking in their paper when I saw Ling-Ling's picture. The Animal Control Center made her available for adoption on Saturday.  I visited Ling-Ling in between my games.  I was able to adopt her and now she is here with me in Anchorage causing puppy chaos!

"She loves my house, and I have a big yard for her to run in. I have changed her name to Kayla to keep consistency with the 'K' theme. Anyway, thank you for your site!   It's because of your site that Kayla is in a loving home!  Again, thanks!"

Mike Hipple,  Alaska


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