"Two years ago I 'inherited' a cream colored, five year old Chow Chow named 'Lanie'.  What a little cutie we have now! 

"She'd never had a fenced in yard until she moved in with us. Heck, she'd never even had a chewie! Now she lives at 'chewies-r-us' (the treat bin) and loves to run around the back yard playing 'Chow of the Wilderness' and also frolicking through the house with her favorite chew stick in her mouth. 

"I don't think I'll ever have any other breed of dog. Period!! I've had dogs and cats all my life and she's the smartest.  We keep her cut to a long "puppy cut" because she doesn't care for her fur to be long. (We tried it once, last winter, she never moved from the living room, took her to the groomer, she came back acting like a 6 month old puppy, jumping, whooping, etc.) She still looks like a walking teddy bear but just not as furry. 

" Lanie is fantastic with Kenneth, her human Dad in the house. He uses a motorized wheelchair and Lanie is just so attached to him it's quite refreshing. She knows exactly when I get him out of bed and what side of the bed he is on. 

"I found your website through the LifeMinders.com regular pet e-mail that I get for Lanie. I signed Lanie up for it quite a while ago.  Little pooch gets more e-mail than I do some days. 

"We love Lanie to pieces and know that at the age of 8, she'll be around for many more years. However, we always like to make sure we'll have the pitter patter of paws in our home.  I write this letter to you because I have always wondered where we would adopt our NEXT Chow Chow.... now I know! We'll come to you!"

Lynn Urlaub

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