"Mr. Sid was removed from an abusive owner’s home with a heavy chain grown into his neck and mange all over his body. His owner served jail time for the abuse. My original Chow Jingjr, who I raised from age 4 weeks, had passed away two years prior just one month shy of her 14th birthday. As a single physician, I had been looking for an adult Chow at several Chow rescues only to be rejected “because no one would be home with the dog”. So, I adopted a young “Chow-mix”, Sasha,  from a high kill shelter. I continued looking for an older Chow to complement the lovable Sasha who has the energy and spirit of a golden retriever. 

I found Sid as a humane society rescue at his foster home completely shaved with healing wounds and the most incredible kind spirit in his eyes. When I took him home, he looked briefly at the yard and the door before turning to me with the most endearing hopeful gaze. I welcomed him home and he has been the most loyal, well behaved and grateful companion. We bonded immediately enabling me to gently hold him while he endured painful wound and mange treatments at the vet. His beautiful creamy light red coat eventually grew back thick and proud. Several nieces and nephews are enamored with him—one considers Sid as the standard by which all other dogs are compared. When asked to describe Sid, my niece answered: calm, fluffy, and usually has his tail up—happy. As a previous Chow owner, my only concern about adopting an older Chow was whether he could fully bond with me. Sid has been my loyal “shadow” for 6 years now. Despite his horrible past, Mr. Sid’s complete devotion and trust immediately proved, once again, the remarkable spirit and resilience of the Chow.

Thanks for this opportunity to share!"



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