"We live in northeast Alabama.  We moved here from New Jersey about 14 years ago.  I was promoted here with the postal service.  One of my jobs was the postmaster of Stevenson, Alabama.

"A big red Chow came to live at the post office.  I have always had animals and love them dearly.  I fed him through the winter and spring.  He would never come to me but would wait for me at a distance and get the food when I went back into the post office. 

"Summer came and his condition got worse.  He had open sores and was dirty and miserable.  We did not have an animal control or ASPCA in my area. 

"I decided to take him home to my three cats and two Poodles.   I caught him with the help of my vet.  He was in worse shape than I thought.  His collar was cutting into his skin, he had cigarette burns on his chest, he had heartworms.  I had him treated. 

"It took about a year for him to start to look sharp again.  He was beautiful!  People told me that I would never be able to 'turn him around'.  But the day after I brought him home from the vet, he was following me everywhere and did so for the next nine years.  The vet thought he was about 4 years old when I took him in.  He was a wonderful dog.  He died in 2001, quietly in his sleep.

"I found another Chow to adopt in October 2003, a beautiful black girl from the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.  She is wonderful.  I know she will bring us as much joy as Bear did.  Her name is Chyna Doll.  Her owners moved and didn't want her.  My good luck!

"Chows are the BEST!"

Sandra DiTargiani

and Chyna Doll,
Annie, the German Shepherd
Twinkle, the toy Poodle
Knokee, the Maine Coon Cat
Kasey, the Persian Cat
(all rescued animals)


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