"I just found your site and wanted to tell you about my Chow 'family'.  Last December, I was visiting a friend and she had a stray Chow that had been hanging around her yard for weeks.  Her neighbor had tried to shoot the dog many times so I brought the dog home with me.  

"Of course, she was pregnant.  Two weeks after coming home with me, she gave birth to 5 puppies.  Two died the first day, probably because their mother had been malnourished and had several nasty cuts on her.  The other three, two cream and one black, all females, soon grew into precious loving pups.  

"My husband and I got so attached to this little family that we kept the three pups and 'Mom'.  The pups are now a year old and are the most friendly, loving and funny group of dogs.  We have a 9 year old pit bull/Chow mix named 'Buffy' who's become their favorite 'aunt'.  They love to drink water from the pool, chase birds and play with Mom and Buffy.

"Maybe you can put this story in your Happy Endings file."

                                                  Kathleen Powenski

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