"I stumbled across your web site yesterday, during a google search, and very much enjoyed reading your happy endings section. I read every story, and cried my eyes out, absolutely aghast at how inhuman people can be towards these beautiful dogs. I wanted to add the story of Max to your page, as well.

"When my daughter was 16, she was in a foster home, and one of the friends that she made had a relative who was moving, and could not take their chow, Max, with them. My daughter begged me to let her have him. I was quite leery, this was not a dog that I really wanted, but I agreed to at least meet the dog. When we went to see the dog, he was very friendly, and not aggressive in the slightest. The couple who owned him were at their last resort, and if we did not take him, he would have to be taken to the animal shelter. I agreed to take him, even though we had recently adopted an English lop-eared rabbit. Max was about 2 years old.

"We took Max home, and he and the rabbit became fast friends. The rabbit would enjoy hopping around Max, and when tired, would lay right up against him and go to sleep.

"Later, we adopted a female German Shepherd, who pestered Max incessantly. But Max was very patient with her, and now, they are inseparable.

"When my grand daughter was born, I was concerned, because Max had developed an arthritic leg. Most of the time he is okay, but sometimes, the leg hurts him so badly that he just screams in pain. I was concerned that this would cause a problem with my grand daughter. But, not so. Since my grand daughter was born, and with the physical activity that he gets with the shepherd, the pain does not seem to bother him. In the winter months, we give him a buffered aspirin once every couple of days, and we have not had an incident of pain at all. He is very patient with my grand daughter, who is now 2 and 1/2. We have taught her to be very gentle with him. When she comes to visit, Max is the first one to see her, with kisses, and to let her give him a great big hug. He gently takes treats from her hands, and never jumps.

"Max has brought such joy to our lives. I am so glad that I did not let my fear get the better of me.  You know, I do not understand how people can give up their animals, just because they cannot immediately find a place that will allow pets. When we moved from our house, it took us a while to find a place that would allow pets. I was not willing to give Max up, so I lived in my truck for a month, until I found a place that would allow pets. Yes, it was a sacrifice, but one that was well worth it."

Natalie Slippey
Salt Lake City, UT


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