"Lexi is a chow who was discarded at the local animal shelter by her owners who 'were moving' but taking their cat with them. She was terrified and kept to the back corner of her kennel. She would not come for anyone. Fortunately I came to the shelter the day she was discarded (but they would have called me anyway). The shelter staff was having a hard time getting her back inside as it was time to close so I went to help. She came running straight to me. 

"As I knew I was going to be there for awhile doing paperwork (I am on the Board of Directors), I took her to the office with me. As with all chows..... I was smitten and cried when I left as I already had two female chows and a 13 year old springer spaniel and had no more room for another. The following day my springer had a stroke....the vet said she would probably not come home.....(grasping at straws) I told my husband we were meant to have another chow. 

"The next day the adoption was complete and Lexi was at her new home. Later that same day, the vet called to say the our springer suddenly came around, was doing very well and could come home. One year and four months later, I still have my three chows and a 14 year old senile springer spaniel who is alpha over the chows.  But it was meant to be .... I truly believe that!!!

"We had a St Patrick's Day parade in the town where I live and we always try to have an animal shelter unit in all the parades (which includes dogs up for adoption, dogs already adopted and anyone who supports the shelter can walk theirs also).  In this last parade I was walking my 75 pound red chow and my husband was walking our two black ones.  Part way through the parade I caught out of the corner of my eye, a little boy about 3, come running out of the crowd. Before anyone had a chance to react, he had his little arms wrapped around my red chow's neck and was giving her lots and lots of kisses. There were all these "GASPS" from the crowd but my Lexi enjoyed every minute of it as I knew she would. I was so proud to be able to show to the crowd just how lovable chows can be. It's my favorite chow story..."

                                                       Diane Streekstra


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