"Last Sunday morning, 8/20/06, a Chow came into our lives. My son saw this poor dog staggering up our road, came home and got me and together we got this done-in Chow onto the back of his truck. I had lost one of our Siberian Husky dogs just recently and had everything.  A house, water, food and love available. 

"After carting this poor animal over to the dog house (literally in a wagon) as he wasn't able to walk anymore, we looked him over and fed him and he drank water. Lots of water as he was dehydrated and nearly dead. Here, only a couple of days later, he is up on his feet, eating well, and allowed me to groom him of the mats and he looks glorious. He is a red Chow and has completely captured my heart. God must have sensed I needed another dog. I just call him "Chow Chow" for now. The name will come as we begin to get to know each other. There is just something about these dogs.  I feel better knowing he's here. "Chow People" understand, I think."

Bonnie Schoonmaker



"We got our black Chow Madison in 1992. He was such a sweet and loving boy.  My son literally rode on Madison, and the dog never ever raised a hackle.  Everyone who met him would say 'is he mean'? Of course not, he is the most wonderful dog you could ever meet!

"We had a daughter who also rode Madison and I also do daycare for 11 years.  He was only with the children a little but loved them all so and never hurt anyone..

"Sad news, April 23 2006 . I had to have Madison put down. He was 2 months away from being 14 years old.  He had started having arthritis in his hips and his back legs just stopped holding him up. He never even cried in pain, although I could see the pain in his beautiful brown eyes.

"We are now looking for another Chow because we love them so, and he was the best dog ever!

"I wish others would come to appreciate Chows as much as we do... When I took him to the vet to be put down, I was kissing him right between the eyes and on his muzzle and she said 'wow a Chow who isn't mean'! Like that was such a big deal! I don't know why Chows have such a bad rap.

"I hope others can learn from my message that Chows are a wonderful breed and great with kids. Owners just have to be responsible in training and raising them to be the loving sweet dogs they can be..."

The Rippetto Family


"I adopted a one year old Chow named Cocoa Bear and he has been with me for 6 weeks but it seems to both of us that we have always been a family. He is loving and a great companion who loves to go out and visit with as many 2 and 4 legged friends that he can find. Cocoa Bear lives in a home with 2 cats, one of whom, Twinkle, he plays with daily. I would never have thought about a Chow as a pet but having found Cocoa Bear at a local ASPCA shelter, I am so happy to have my friend with me!"

Jeanne Eskander
Pembroke, Massachusetts
February 2006


from Lee, Kelly, and Courtney:

"Last Sunday morning (Jan 16, 2005) I was checking out the Humane League of Lancaster County's website as I've been doing lately.  There on the available animals page was this beautiful Chow named 'Bear'.  I've always loved Chows so here was my chance to get one if my family agreed.  Well, they did, and now Bear is part of our family.

"She is the best!  She's 8 years old but when it's time for her walks, she's like a puppy, so full of energy.  She also loves car rides, watching traffic, and giving kisses.  Our other family members are slowly getting used to her:  'Bandit', a rabbit, and our four cats that we also got from the Humane League; 'Donnie' (2002), 'FuFu' (2002), 'Sylvester' (2003), and 'Calley' (2004).  

"Thanks to the Humane League, we have a house full of love and awesome friends.  Thank you for giving us these amazing animals!"


"Bear"from Sylvan Breitzmann:

"Just a line so you can update your website. Two weeks ago we adopted the 8 year old Mequon black chow-chow named Bear (posted 7/1/04). He is a real sweetheart and we were very much in need to share our love with him as our own 14 year Chow Chow died on 6/9/04. It is good that we all have a chance to share our home and companionship with Bear who was coming from a very loving family. Chow Chows are very special dogs and I think they understand those who understand them. Thanks."


from Sandy Stolarik:

"We found 'Little Bear' at the St. Francis shelter and it was love at first sight.  He had been found in terrible condition, wandering the streets.  He is now a happy, loving part of our family.  I had always been told that Chows only bond once so I was leery of adopting an older dog.  But I am here to tell you that this dog loves me as if I had him from a pup!"


from Bev Briggs: 

"I just wanted to let you know that I went into your website and contacted Takmalakan Chow Chow Rescue in Pennsylvania.  I adopted a 4 year old Chow named "Smokey".  He is my baby.  

"After losing my previous baby, China, to cancer, I wasn't sure if I could handle the emotional ties of having another pet.  But I am a 'dog person', more specifically a 'Chow person'.  I LOVE this breed.  Smokey opened up my heart again and I am thankful to his previous owner for raising such a sweet boy.  He is loyal, affectionate, and protective.  I look forward to happy years with him.

"Thanks for your site.  It helped me rebuild my family."



from Kristel Ditmore,  Dallas, Texas: 

"I was reading your happy endings on your web page and wanted to share one of my own. About 7 years ago, a friend showed up on my doorstep the day before my birthday.  He told us about a couple that had been living in the apartment across from him and how they had been 'busted' by the humane society. It turns out they were breeding chows in a one bedroom apartment. The conditions were appalling. He sidled over while the humane society people were there and asked what they were going to do with the puppies and was promptly informed that the puppies would be destroyed due to the fact that they were chows of 'questionable' breeding. Well, to make a long story short, I ended up with an adorable little bit of blue chow fuzz. 

"I had always been fond of chows, but many friends, boyfriend included, protested, saying they were a mean dog.  Phaw! They have all changed their minds now! Natasha is now almost 8 and one the best friends I have. She loves kids and is so sweet, its not funny. Her two weaknesses are tomatoes with a little mayo on them and cuddling up underneath the blankets on the bed. I just found your site today, but I will be coming back again and again."



from B. Allen:  

"Years ago an adult Chow Chow showed up at my house, sat down by the front door and stayed for 11 years. In trying to learn what I could about the breed I found your site. I have visited the site over the years many times and just wanted to say thanks for what you are doing."



"Raven"from Cynthia who adopted "Raven" in 2003 from the Ventura County Animal Shelter in Camarillo after seeing our adoption listings.  Here's a note that Cynthia sent us in November 2005:

"Today, November 17th is her re-birthday, as she has been with me for 2 years now.  Here is an updated photo. From the first day she arrived, she just made herself right at home.  I love her so much and am so thankful that she is in my life.  Just thought you might want to hear another ~Happy Ending~ story."



from Lee Ann Wilty, Florida:

"I came across your website quite by accident, but what a pleasant one!  I have two Chows, Tia Marie rescued in 1990 at the age of approximately six months along the side of a highway eating garbage. She is still going strong at age 12 and runs our household. Tia's favorite playmate is our rescued 145 pound, 2-year old spoiled Rottie.  My other rescued Chow is Robert (Bob) who is a beautiful red chow. Bob was rescued from his drug addict owner's home at the age of 8 weeks in 1996 and brought to me. It has been puppy love ever since.

"It makes my heart feel good to know that there are other kind people out there who care so deeply about this often mixed and over-bred breed. Here in Florida you see countless 'Chow mixes' in shelters, abandoned and neglected. My sister recently adopted a Chow mix that ran out in front of her car. Patrick charms everyone who visits their home and is one of the most lovable dogs I have met.  Thanks again for your hard work on behalf of the Chow Chow."



from Linda Lohff:

"You sent me to Deanna Fuller of Katann Chow Chow Rescue. She sent me to Peoria Animal Welfare (Illinois). They had a female chow puppy that I adopted.  She is almost 6 months old now and the love of our lives. Watching her grow from skittish puppy to confident adolescent is really fun. She gets along with everyone, my 2 small grandchildren included. We could never part with her. Thank you so much, we love our girl 'Chyna'. Keep up the good work. I will never own any other kind of dog. She is even more than we expected. She is even better than we had hoped she could be."



from Mary Jo Marshall:

"I love my Chows. They are such affectionate creatures. Our newest, from the shelter, is delightful. She's so smart that she crates herself every day before we leave for work. Also, she sits up and begs. This is something she knew when she came to us. I can't imagine how such a well behaved dog ended up as a stray at the shelter. Their loss, our gain!"


from Jean Donaldson:"Buffy"

"'Buffy' came into the San Francisco Animal Care and Control in March 2002.  She was a stray puppy, estimated at 5-6 weeks old, and with a variety of personality issues in such a tiny package.  She has grown into the neatest dog and has made me Chow-mad!!"




from Gail Doran:

"Just wanted to write what might be called a letter of encouragement to someone thinking about adopting an abandoned chow. I am now the lucky owner of a beautiful red chow that someone either lost or dumped out in the woods. He is absolutely delightful! I am amazed at how attached we have already become to one another and how eager he is to please. I, too, had heard the tales of how "mean" and "aggressive" chows are. I am so happy that I let "Butch" prove them wrong! Of course, I have no way of knowing where he came from, but he is a "champion" to me."



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