"While working as a police officer in Memphis, Tennessee, I met my best friend. Coming out of the precinct one night I was met by a cinnamon colored chow. He followed me from my car to the door. I gave him a pat on the head and went inside for roll-call. When we came out of the building, some guys began shouting at him and actually talking about shooting him "because chows are bad dogs". I went to his side until they left him alone. 

"I began walking toward the parking lot and the dog actually took my hand very gently in his mouth as I walked. I stopped and bent down to him to find that he smelled HORRIBLE! I noticed he had a lot of irritation around his eyes. The smell made me think he had rolled on something dead. I began looking closer and as my hand went to his neck, I found the source of the smell. Someone had put a link chain (the kind you use on a swing set) around his neck and fastened it with a metal clip. As the dog had grown the chain had cut into his neck very, very deeply. The gaping wound had abcessed and the surrounding flesh was dying. I immediately took him to the animal emergency center. 

"After much medical treatment "Fozzy Bear" became my newest family member. He is without a doubt the most wonderful dog I have ever had. He is gentle and loyal and incredibly intelligent.

"When I began searching for a groomer for Fozzy I encountered an incredible prejudice against chows. Everyone wanted to sedate him. No one wanted to groom him. No one was even willing to give him a chance! I decided that I did not want my pet in the care of people with such poor attitudes toward the breed. So, I bought supplies and began grooming him myself. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to learn to groom professionally. I did so and resigned my police position of 13 years to become a full time groomer. 

"I groom a great many chows now and have had very little trouble with any of them.  Dogs who have been sedated for grooming their whole lives are now enjoying their first "awake" groomings! People call our kennel and ask for "the chow lady". I am very grateful to Fozzy for showing me the way to a wonderful new career and being my very best friend.

"Forgive me for taking your time, but I enjoy your site very much and could not resist sharing my story."

                                                 Name withheld on request


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