Amy Flaherty, "Dallas" and "Dakota"January 2001:

"I am employed by an animal shelter.  A six month old Chow Chow puppy was brought to our shelter just before New Year's.  She is very timid around strangers and is therefore not very receptive when interacting with potential adoptive families.  

"I brought her home for the evening and she is wonderful!  After the first half hour, she warmed right up and was very loving and friendly.  I brought her back to the shelter with a report on her behavior.  Over the next week, though, she remained timid in the shelter and the staff was afraid she might become a biter.

"Unfortunately, they didn't see the same pup that I had seen at home.  To prevent her from being put to sleep, I adopted her myself!  I'm hoping you can recommend some resources to help me train and socialize her so she will learn to present herself in the same loving and friendly manner that she does with me."

March 2002:

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful information available at your website.  My Chow, 'Dallas', has come a long way since I wrote you last year.  She is still hesitant around men but she warms up much quicker than she used to.  She has been through obedience class and was very successful.  

"She is a wonderful dog and I thank you for your assistance and advice.  I've sent a picture of Dallas and my Chow mix 'Dakota'.  As you can see, Dallas thinks she's a lap dog!  Never once has she made an attempt to bite anyone.  I'm so glad I was able to see the sweetheart behind the fear!  All the best to you!"

Amy Flaherty, Connecticut


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