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    Gallery of
    Happy Endings

artwork by Kip Kopatch, used with permission



Constance and "Sid"

Jan Carter and "Ginger"

  Natalie Slippey and "Max"

Shannon Kussman and "Kayla"

"Brandi's" story

"Fozzy Bear" in Memphis

Sandra DiTargiani & "Bear"

Christine Frauendorfer & "Sheeba"

Mike Hipple & "Kayla"

Marianne Stone & "Mose"

Susan Dunkel & "Bear"

Sue DeYoung and "Chow Lee Chan"

Virginia White & "Dawg"

Amy Flaherty & "Dallas"

Kathleen Powenski

Sandy Stolarik & "Little Bear"

Jean Walker & "Rodney"

Frances Broome & "Klondike"

Laura Dessen & "Inda"

Kelly Wiesen & "Buffy"

The Passmores & "BoBo"

K.M. Patterson

Stephanie Gates & "Fozzie Bear"

Betsy Schindler & "Black Jack"

Katie MacMillen & "Ollie"

Marae & "Mitzie"

Linda Young & "Jock"

Suzanne Blei & "Einstein"

Diane Streekstra and "Lexi"

The Wooden Family and "Red"

Kitty Werner and "Grover" and "Stormy"

Lynn Urlaub and "Lanie"

More Letters From Adopters of Rescued Chow Chows

Happy Endings from
Wisconsin Chow Chow Rescue

Happy Endings from 
West Texas Chow Chow Rescue


Watch for more Happy Endings to be added!


"Tuffy", adopted by Jo Ann Simms


Chow illustration Kip Kopatch, used here with permission.
Cream Chow photo Jo Ann Simms, used here with permission
all other graphics and images on this site 2001-2010 Vicki DeGruy, all rights reserved.

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