"Fozzie Bear's" littermates"I am not only writing to you to tell you about my happy ending, but I would like to praise the work you do and send out a personal thank you to Karen Privitello. 

"A little over two years ago my husband and I were looking to add another chow to our family. I hate pet stores and really didn't want to go to a breeder since there were so many chows that needed homes. I saw this website and the Taklamakan chow web site and got in touch with Karen. She was very helpful and sent me information on the chow rescue. I sent in my application and about a week or two later I was informed that a woman who ran a Doberman and Dachshund rescue had taken in a mother chow and her pups who were left along the side of the road during the winter. 

"When I called the woman, she had one male pup left. I immediately took the short ride to take a look at the little fur ball and have had him ever since. He is 70 lbs of pure love and affection and his name is 'Fozzie Bear'. I cannot tell you how much joy he has brought to our lives and my other chow ('Chewie's') life. Without Karen and the work that your organization does, I would not have my bundle of joy.

"Many Thanks!!!

Stephanie Gates

"p.s.   In about a year or two, we will be buying a bigger house with at least an acre or two. When this does happen, I can assure you that we will be a chow chow foster home and will be contacting all of you for some advice."


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