"There are actually several reasons why I chose to adopt Bear even though he was 9 years old at the time.

"I am single. I live in an apartment (he was used to apartment living), and I am not really 'active'.  Meaning that I am not jet-setting here and there on the weekends. The social calendar is a bit empty and I was looking for some company.  However I do work a full day during the week and for that reason I did not want a puppy or younger dog.   I felt that I would not have the time and attention a more active dog would need.

"It appealed to me that Bear was already trained -- no surprises waiting for me when I walked in at night. I also felt that an older dog would prove to be an easier transition from no dog, to having a dog and all of the responsibilities that follow. For so long I was used to living 'just for me' and now I would have to share. My last exposure to having a Chow/dog was over 13 years ago.

"Talk about a wonderful Chow, I mean friend . . . .The previous owner said that Bear was really independent and would come to me for attention. That appealed to me, too, for I had my routine. In fact this has proved false, for Bear is always wanting hugs and attention, and is a pleasing surprise!

"Now if Bear was a bit younger that would have been optimal, however he was needing a home.  Then I met Bear and had a couple of visits with him.  He was so friendly.   Which then got me to wonder why the previous owner wanted to part with the dog. They had known this dog since it was a puppy. They report that it was because of their soon-to-be-toddler, however I just can't see where Bear would have caused any harm. All that have met him agree. So then I began to think that this family was not able to deal with the fact that Bear was aging and would be leaving them soon. Then I felt that Bear deserved better and agreed to adopt him. I hope that he lives his last few years with me content and happy!

"Both Bear and I, maybe more 'I' there, continue to work through the adjustment period. I will soon be moving into a house and welcome the idea that I will have a protector to let me know what is going on. Actually I already sense that bond taking place. It is wonderful.

"Your website offers a wonderful service and I will visit again when the need arises. I hope that my comments help you find homes for other older dogs."

Susan Dunkel
North Carolina

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