"I love to brag about the little Chow we rescued. My husband found him trapped near our barn and in very bad shape. He had maggots eating through his hip and as the vet said "all known types of parasites".   He found him just in time. The vet put him at about 8 weeks old at the time. He is now well and almost 4 months old and wonderful!  Our children are grown so we have had the time to devote to raising him properly.

"Not enough can be said about training them with affection.  We find him the most affectionate and willing to please dog we could imagine. It is very easy to see how these dogs can be ruined by improper training. We raised an Irish Setter from a pup who lived for 17 years and still have an over 12 year old deaf from birth Dalmatian. So our little Chow, his name is Dawg (with lots of nick names) is the most responsive dog we have owned.

"Considering we live in Florida, the heat was the problem when we started. He hates the heat! We are teaching him to use the pool and he loves it. And potty training is mostly (knock on wood) complete. He also shares our home with 3 cats also who he has been taught to respect and does. He is so eager to please. Even chewing has not been a problem. He knows his toys and chewies and the furniture is intact.  He is also our first male dog, so I am very pleased with his development.

"He remembers everyone who helped save him. He melts all the hearts at the vet because he is so happy to see them!  I am glad to see so many sites like yours that are educating people about these dogs. It is such a terrible waste to turn these dogs bad. This is most certainly from bad handling. Dawg is being raised with affection. Our only form of discipline is verbal ( a good lecture goes a long way with him).

"I was never attracted to the breed before he came to us and did not want another pet (especially a dog, although hubby did), but I am a huge fan of the breed now.  We hug him lots, groom him daily (very important for good behavior development) and I can baby him all I want, he is becoming watchful and protective of us and his cats. He is very well socialized also.  I believe lots of love goes farther with this breed than others I have experienced. Our pets have always come to us with a multitude of problems (we haven't purchased any of them), but we have always over come their obstacles. To tell the truth, it's not that hard, if you listen to the pet.

"I am so glad to see organizations like yours. Keep up the good work.  This breed deserves the best we humans can offer it.   LOVE YOUR CHOW!"

                      Virginia White, Florida


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