Chow Lee Chan and his pal Smokey
I would like to share a story of adoption from the Dane County Humane Society and how it has changed our lives. Almost 2 years ago we moved to Madison, WI with our Keeshond 'Smokey'. 

"When we moved from Milwaukee to
Madison we had to leave good friends and our dog's 'girlfriend' Jenny.  Smokey seemed depressed since he no longer had play dates with Jenny so we decided it was time to add to our family and adopt a dog for Smokey. 

months we visited the Humane Society and interviewed about 6 dogs but not one seemed to be the right fit for Smokey.  Then one day I stopped by after work and saw a filthy, pitiful Chow Chow lying in the bottom of a cage. I walked over to pet him and he just ignored me. He was so depressed he never even lifted his head.  

"I spoke with a worker and found out he was
just brought in and was a stray.  It took them 3 weeks just to catch this poor creature. My heart broke just thinking about him and what he must have gone through before being caught.  It was the middle of December and a particularly cold time. This animal was matted, covered with burrs, clumps of dirt hung from him and he was so filthy you would have thought he was dark brown. 

"I went home and asked my husband to meet me at the humane society
the next day so I could show him my discovery.  When we got there the next day I walked right past the cage never recognizing this Chow Chow.  He had been bathed, neutered, and shaved to look like a lion.  He had a beautiful blonde mane and wore a cone around his neck to stop him from licking his incision.  My husband thought I was crazy to want a dog that looked so funny. But since we were there we asked to have him brought out for a visit. He immediately pinned my husband up against the wall with his head and cone firmly planted in his crotch! The look on my husband's face was pure fear.  But all this dog wanted was to be loved. 

"We made a second
appointment to visit with our dog and they got along right away.  So we filled out the papers to adopt the Chow. We wondered what kind of dog we were getting, since he was a stray they had no history on him. We soon found out when we brought him home. He immediately claimed it as his home by POOPING on the floor.  I then realized that I was in for a rude awakening having to housebreak the huge dog.  I put the leash on him and took him for a walk. That was the last accident he had in the house. 

"As time went
by he let me know that he knew tricks also by knocking me down when I asked my other dog to 'high five'.  I got it from both sides!  He also shakes, lies down, sits and stays.  We got a treasure when we found him and thank God every day for this big bundle of love.  He has shown his love for me by protecting me from strangers and lies at my feet when we watch TV.  I could not be happier that we took the chance of adopting him.  

"He is somewhere
between 2 and 5 years old. We manage an apartment complex and he now comes into contact with many people on a daily basis and usually just ignores them.  But I know that if I ever needed him to protect me again he would give his life if he had to.  So many apartments do not allow Chows because of aggressive tendencies [they are alleged to have].  It is a shame because if these dogs are loved and socialized they are great. Please pass the word that these dogs are not all aggressive!"

                                                                          Sue DeYoung
                                                                          Madison, Wisconsin

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