"I read your pages of Chows and wanted to tell you I own one - Her name is Buffy and she's my baby!  She's 13 years old now.  I adopted her 4 years ago on December 28th.  Her old owner passed away and we adopted her. 

"She is my pride!  She protects my kids and gets along with our little mutt "Cuddles" and she also lives with two cats. 

"She's blind in one eye and the other isn't too far off.  Her hearing is just about gone, too, but this dog is the most spoiled dog!  (Of course, so are Cuddles, my cats and two birds.) 

"They keep this house happy.  We tell them our problems and they actually understand!  When we need love, Buffy is right there.  I think she knows we saved her.  She is my B-Bear!"

             Kelly & Gary Wiesen and "Buffy"

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